DIY Magazine Vase, Trivet, & Coasters

by sarahgrand

What do you do with your old magazines? Here’s an easy, fun, and resourceful magazine craft. All you need is a glue stick, hot glue sticks with a hot glue gun, scissors (optional), and old magazines.

(Magazine Vase)



DIY Steps:

1. Rip out a page of a magazine and cut (or bend and rip) it into 4 vertical strips as shown:

2. Using a glue stick, put glue on one side of each strip (I like to put the glue on the less colorful side of the strip). Fold the strip in half. Repeat the process so the new strips are one quarter the width of the original strips.

(New strips)

3. Start rolling the new strips. Make sure you roll tight! Every few turns, put a little bit of hot glue down on the flat part of the strip that’s about to be rolled. This will secure the spiral.

4. The diameter of the spirals is completely up to you! For the base of the vase, I just made one huge spiral. When I finished rolling one strip, I would put a little bit of hot glue down on the finished spiral and add another strip and keep rolling. Just keep attaching new strips and rolling until you reach your desired diameter.

(The huge spiral–base of the vase)

5. Once you’re done making a bunch of spirals, you can hot glue them together to make whatever you want! I made a vase, a trivet, and coasters but those are just a few ideas. The possibilities are endless! Here is the vase in progress.

(Constructing the vase–in the middle of gluing smaller spirals to the base)

Some finished products:

(Flower-inspired coasters)

(More coasters)

(Coasters in use)

(Trivet in use)

Try it for yourself!